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Entries in Whistleblower (114)


Guardrail maker Trinity faces $525 million judgment after whistleblower trial win

A Texas jury Monday awarded a whistleblower $175 million in his False Claims Act suit against Trinity Industries for faulty guardrails. Under federal law, the award will be trebled to $525 million.

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China whistleblower exposes ‘bribery list’ naming 40 officials 

Discipline authorities at Jingbian County of northwestern China’s Shaanxi province have launched investigations into more than 40 local government officials who have been implicated in an alleged “bribery list” scandal.

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Humvee turret whistleblower awarded $990,000

David McIntosh was awarded $990,00 as part of a $5.5 million settlement with the companies that produced backup batteries for the Humvee’s turret.

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DOJ criminal division chief calls on whistleblowers to come forward

Leslie Caldwell, chief of the DOJ's criminal division, said her office will be increasing its review of False Claims Act qui tam complaints for potential criminal prosecution.

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GSK investigating UAE payments following whistleblower complaint

GlaxoSmithKline said Tuesday it is investigating allegations of corrupt payments in the United Arab Emirates.

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Shire whistleblower awarded $5.9 million in FCA settlement

Shire Pharmaceuticals LLC will pay $56 million to settle allegations that its marketing and promotion of several drugs violated the False Claims Act, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

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Report: Russia considers new protection for whistleblowers

Russia President Vladimir Putin (Photo courtesy of the Kremlin)Russia’s State Duma is considering a bill to protect whistleblowers who report corruption by state officials to police or the media.

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Dispatch from the SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute (Part Two)

I could not help thinking about the astonishing positive changes that have occurred as I watched the SCCE’s September 16 general session on the new laws protecting whistleblowers enforced by the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower.

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SEC awards $300,000 to whistleblower with internal audit and compliance role

The Securities and Exchange Commission said Friday a whistleblower award of more than $300,000 went to a company audit and compliance employee who complained to the SEC after the company didn't act on the same information.

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Chicago promoter indicted for $160 million visa fraud against Chinese investors

A Chicago man was indicted Wednesday for defrauding 290 Chinese investors in an alleged visa scheme that ran for two years until it was stopped by a whistleblower complaint to the SEC.

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