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Martin Zapata: When we say ‘Collective Action,’ what do we mean?

In the tireless quest for effective anti-corruption measures, Collective Action (CA) can be a promising approach. The core principle of CA is that joining forces can boost effectiveness of anti-corruption actions and, even more, level the playing field for those involved.

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Job: Full Professor for Collective, Compliance, and (private sector) Anti-Corruption (IACA - Near Vienna, Austria)

The International Anti-Corruption Academy, located just outside Vienna, Austria, is looking for a Full Professor for Collective Action, Compliance and (private sector) Anti-Corruption.  

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Brazil’s Generational Clash

I recently had the great privilege of working closely with one of Brazil’s federal prosecutors at the International Anti-Corruption Academy. A young person just a handful of years out of law school, he’s that rare individual -- bright in every sense of the word, articulate, generous, someone you immediately trust, a person of deep convictions, a natural leader.

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Andy Spalding at the IACA: An Educator’s Dream

Image courtesy of the IACAIndulge me, if you would, a fantasy. Let’s construct the ideal learning environment for anti-corruption education.

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IACA Masters in Anti-Corruption (Applications close May 31)

The International Anti-Corruption Academy is accepting applications for its flagship Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) program.

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Resource alert: IACA welcomes applicants for two flagship programs

The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in Austria is currently welcoming applications from anti-corruption and compliance professionals around the world for two of its flagship program.

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What I learned while teaching at the International Anti-Corruption Academy

I heard about the International Anti-Corruption Academy through Andy Spalding’s posts on the FCPA Blog, where he wrote about his work with the IACA  in Vienna. A school for mid-career anti-corruption professionals seemed like an idea that could have a tremendous real-world impact.

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Resource Alert: IACA Regional Summer Academy - Latin America (November 2015)

The IACA Regional Summer Academy - Latin America is a new seven-day program for professionals seeking to sharpen their anti-corruption work in this part of the world.

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In memoriam: IACA lecturer and Malaysia anti-corruption prosecutor Anthony Kevin Morais

Anthony Kevin Morais, a prosecutor in Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission, was abducted and murdered in Kuala Lumpur. After disappearing on September 4, his body was discovered late last week in a barrel of concrete at the bottom of a river.

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Whistleblowing: How do we measure its effectiveness?

Despite its tremendous potential to influence law and public policy, whistleblowing effectiveness has been less studied than whistleblower motivations and the consequences whistleblowers must often endure for speaking up.

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Notes from IACA, Part Three (concl.): A facilitation payments question we could not answer

Put 30 anti-corruption professionals from diverse countries in an academic classroom for three days, and the human mind goes to new places. Here’s a question that arose during my recent stint at the International Anti-Corruption Academy which we asked but could not answer. Can anyone?

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Notes from IACA, Part Two: What would you do in your country with $10 million?

I wrote in the prior post about the great things the International Anti-Corruption Academy is doing, thanks in large part to the Siemens Integrity Fund. It’s a beautiful example of using anti-corruption settlement money to truly address worldwide corruption.

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