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Nichols and Dowden: Improving Ethical Culture by Measuring Stakeholder Trust

Fostering strong ethical cultures within business firms could be the most effective and durable means of controlling the payment of bribes by firms. Creating a strong ethical culture is difficult, but measuring and maximizing stakeholder trust may overcome that difficulty.

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Barbara Brooks Kimmel: How does your company measure integrity?

Hardly a week passes without at least one corporate crisis in the news, often with unpredictable and long-term negative consequences, impacting not only the organization’s reputation, but also all its internal and external stakeholders. 

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Barbara Brooks Kimmel: When There’s No Budget for Trust….

When a company doesn't budget for organizational trust, how can it be elevated?

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Barbara Brooks Kimmel: The Ethics of Higher Education

A recent report highlights issues of ethics and trust in America’s college admissions process.

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Richard Bistrong: How, then, should we measure success?

Clayton Christensen gave a speech that later became a best-selling book called How Will You Measure Your Life. He talked about former Harvard Business School classmates who “didn’t keep the purpose of their lives front and center as they decided how to spend their time, talents, and energy.”

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Julie DiMauro: Best practices for today's CCO

Let's start this discussion with: Know the business.

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Barbara Brooks Kimmel: After home birth during blizzard, insurance fails. What's fair, ethical, and trustworthy corporate behavior? 

When a baby decides it is time to be born…the show must go on. Such was the case on January 23, 2016 when approximately 103 million people were affected by a blizzard that hit the east coast of the United States, requiring eleven states to declare emergencies, including New Jersey.

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For New Year's Eve, we visit with the ghost of the FCPA past

President Jimmy Carter signed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act into law on December 19, 1977. In adopting the bill that would become the FCPA, the Senate listed its reasons for wanting to outlaw corrupt payments to foreign officials to obtain or retain business. We think those reasons are as valid today as they were then.

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Mike Scher asks the bosses to support Compliance 2.0

In this final post of my three-part series about Compliance 2.0, I'm asking corporate executives and board members to support a chief compliance officer who is untethered from the general counsel, who reports to the board, and who oversees compliance officers who are themselves executives and subject matter experts.

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The future calls: Guiding companies through lawful but new and novel

In the first post in this three-part series, I wrote about decision-making when the project is lawful but awful. But there are also risks when situations are lawful but new or novel.

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Mike Scher: Compliance 2.0 is a new way to do business ethics 

In prior posts for the FCPA Blog, I discussed how compliance officers are subject matter experts for the compliance program and why the board-adopted company code of ethics is a fundamental ingredient of the compliance program.

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Mike Scher: A board-backed code of ethics is a cornerstone of Compliance 2.0

In the prior post, I mentioned the role of boards of directors in adopting the company's code of ethics. In this post, I'll talk about the critical reasons for board-backed codes of ethics.

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