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World Bank debars Denmark engineering firm for Vietnam, Indonesia bribes

The World Bank Group announced the debarment of Consia Consultants ApS for 14 years for fraud and corruption. Consia’s Managing Director was also debarred for three and a half years.

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Even clean Nordics have continuing enforcement risk

In the 2016 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index released last week, Nordic countries again received the most favorable rankings. Yet, for the second year in a row, Transparency International’s website draws a negative example from the Nordics, citing a scandal involving members of the Danish parliament to illustrate corruption in European countries. 

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Analogic pays $14.8 million to resolve FCPA offenses

Massachusetts-based medical technology company Analogic Corporation and a foreign subsidiary and that unit's former CFO settled FCPA violations related to $20 million in improper payments in Russia and other countries.

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Morten Bennedsen: Denmark may be bribe free, but power pays off for local pols

For three years in a row, Denmark has ranked best on Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index. If any country is free from preferential dealings between public servants and private enterprise, one would expect it to be Denmark.

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Analogic: DOJ and SEC want $15 million for FCPA settlement

Image courtesy of Analogic Corp.Analogic Corporation said in a securities filing Wednesday the SEC and DOJ made separate settlement proposals to end an ongoing FCPA investigation that would include total payments of about $15 million.

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Will it fly? Analogic proposes $1.6 million FCPA settlement to SEC

Imaging company Analogic Corp. said Wednesday it offered the Securities and Exchange Commission $1.6 million to settle a bribery probe involving the company's Danish subsidiary.

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We're serious: It's an exciting time for tax enforcement

Admittedly, we're surprised to write that headline several weeks after “tax day” in the United States. However, a common theme emerged during a recent World Bank Group program on tax evasion: there's currently an unprecedented level of enthusiasm, political will and momentum in support of combating global tax evasion and avoidance.

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EU adopts broad compliance disclosure rule

The European Parliament passed a new law on April 15 to force about 6,000 EU companies to disclose information about environmental compliance, human rights, bribery and corruption.

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The 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index

It is that time of the year again. Transparency International released its 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) today.  The CPI, which is the most widely used indicator of corruption worldwide, measures the perceptions of public sector corruption. It uses data from international surveys that look at factors such as accountability of national and local governments, effective enforcement of anti-corruption laws, access to government information, and abuse of government ethics and conflict of interest rules.

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The plunder of foreign aid

"A little more than forty years ago, an observation was made that foreign aid was aid from the poor people of the rich countries to the rich people of the poor countries."

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Indexing Personal Danger

A post on the Risk Management Monitor last week by Christine Kane talked about the most dangerous countries for expats to work in.

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From Singapore (Yes, Singapore), A Corruption Story

It's not often we have anything to report from Singapore.

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