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Here's a plan for managing corruption risks in emerging markets

In prior posts I noted both Kazakhstan’s successes and failures in improving its business environment and examined the possible reasons for Kazakhstan’s contradictory performance. I also provided tips for American companies contemplating potential investments in Kazakhstan or other emerging markets.

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Fapiaos (Part 4, conclusion): How to minimize the compliance risk

Part 1 of this series explained what a fapiao is, and Part 2 outlined the different types of fapiaos in China. Part 3 described common ways that fapiaos are misused for fraud, embezzlement, and corruption.

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Three steps to better compliance in 2015

It's the time of year for compliance planning and scheduling. Here are three steps to consider to assure that your organization is meeting its FCPA compliance obligations during 2015.

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Cash economies can hinder audit of books and records and internal controls compliance

Pete from DC, a compliance professional who's always been a good friend of the FCPA Blog, sent this comment to our post about Indonesia's cash-based economy. The post said in the country of 240 million people, a large majority don't have bank accounts, and even some big businesses rely entirely on cash.

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Gold dust for compliance officers

What's the first thing compliance officers need to do? We'd say it's convincing management and board members they need an effective compliance program. That's not easy. It takes advocacy, and advocacy takes credibility.

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