Top five agencies investigating FCPA-related cases globally
Friday, August 11, 2017 at 8:28AM
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The five government agencies with the most ongoing FCPA-related investigations as of today, according to FCPA Tracker, are:

1.  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission — 79 Investigations

2.  U.S. Department of Justice — 77 Investigations

3.  UK Serious Fraud Office — 15 Investigations

4.  Brazilian Securities Commission — 4 Investigations

5.  Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s Office — 3 Investigations

Globally, there are 27 government agencies with active investigations into FCPA-related activity.

Investigations reported by FCPA Tracker are those disclosed by companies in SEC filings or other company statements, and investigations publicly announced by enforcement agencies anywhere.

Not all disclosures identify the enforcement agencies involved in an FCPA-related investigation and some disclosures don't mention any agency.

A full list of the government agencies mentioned in FCPA-related investigation disclosures is available from FCPA Tracker (by subscription).

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