Resource Alert: Searchable real time disclosures of FCPA-related investigations  
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7:28AM
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The FCPA Blog's quarterly Corporate Investigations List has been a valuable tool for the compliance community since its inception several years ago.

Now a new resource goes far beyond the Corporate Investigations List to provide real time alerts and deep insight into open FCPA investigations.

FCPA Tracker scans for and analyzes public disclosures about FCPA-related investigations.

Usesrs are notified when an FCPA investigation is disclosed or updated, and when the status of an FCPA investigation changes.

Public disclosures are complex and vary from company to company. That's why FCPA Tracker’s expertise is essential. Investigations are indexed by company, agency, country, industry, law firm, and more.

FCPA Tracker is an essential tool for the Compliance Professional.

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